Aligning Governance to Strategy

Transitioning to a more integrated strategy and organisational maturity requires leaders to bring together the key elements of the operating model, such as governance, processes, capabilities, infrastructure, technology, services and partners. When these elements do not align with the new approach, cracks appear, cultural change is hampered, and strategies fail to deliver. An Australian Government

Introducing The ‘Black Hat’

  No, not the latest obscure comic book hero to hit the big screen. The ‘Black Hat’ plays devils advocate, critically examining a technical approach, challenging operational plans and assumptions, and scrutinising financial forecasts. OK, I know that’s not maybe as glamorous as a comic book hero, but the ‘Black Hat’ is an unsung hero

What the X-Factor can do for your projects

Definition of X-Factor “a hard to describe variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome” Does the following sound familiar? Planning Teams develop ‘blue sky’ concepts with admirable objectives. Then Development Teams are tasked with addressing the major uncertainties and turning the concept into something operable. Delivery Teams